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Monumental Funding Solutions has teamed up with the best programs in America to bring our clients the best working capital funding solutions available. Our programs include; business loans, lines of credit, real estate investment property (purchase/refinance/fix and flip/rental), bridge loans, business credit, acquisition, and merchant loans, if needed.

No Restricted Industries!

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Business Loan
Up to $500,000
24 – 60 Months

Monumental Funding provides Unsecured Business loans for businesses generating $50,000 or more in revenue annually. This business solution provides up to $500,000 in alternative lending by way of a one-time lump sum of cash deposited into a business checking account. This includes monthly payment options to pay back the loan and any interest due over 12 to 60 months with no prepayment penalties. You will receive funds deposited into your account and enjoy predictability with fixed, monthly payments that will build your personal and business credit.

Business Credit
Up to $200,000

Unsecured credit is extended through a line of credit or credit card, giving access to the capital you need immediately for operating businesses or start-ups. This alternative lending solution allows the borrower to make cash withdrawals, as needed, without having to go into a bank. Same day approval and fees are only paid on the amount used.

Real Estate Investment Loan
Up to $30,000,000
(Rental, Fix and Flip, New Construction)

Monumental Funding offers industry leading rates for Fix and Flip, Rental, Rehab to Rent, New Construction, Bridge Loan, & Hard Money loans are secured with commercial real estate. Most of these options are not income verified and are based on assets as collateral. Funding is fast and we are ready to speak with you today! This capital can be used to purchase, refinance, cash out, etc. This is a great option for borrowers looking to purchase or refinance a property, fix/flip, or new construction project. Loans start at $100,000 and go up to $10,000,000. Competitive rates and industry-leading products available.
21 day closing on most products. Up to 90%+ LTV for experienced applicants, no income verification.

Commercial Real Estate

(Commercial vehicle & equipment financing available)

Invoice Factoring
Up to $2,000,000

Alternative financing for borrowers and businesses that need funding fast. For any business purposes including advertising, marketing, cash flow management, inventory purchase, rent, an emergency, and more. Payback option is either daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the history, industry, and other key factors. Terms and rates vary but we typically get our clients more funding and better borrowing terms.

  • Fill out one of our short applications.
  • Receive free consultation.
  • Offer(s) sent directly to you from lender
  • Accept terms.
  • Receive financing directly into your business checking account!


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