Make A Life Not A Living

Happy Wednesday!

Today I was talking to someone and during the conversation they mentioned how they couldn’t wait to leave work. Sound familiar? I think we all have been here at least one time in our search for the “perfect life”.

If you are going to work everyday only to receive a check on Friday then you are doing it all wrong and probably selling yourself short (happy people tend to earn higher salaries). Without happiness at work you will more than likely look up after a while feeling like you need a vacation only to return from that vacation feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. It never ends and can become a vicious cycle.

Since you are more likely to spend more time at work more than at home, you should look deep into the things that bring you joy at work. Maybe the relationships you gain at work that we take for granted and never explore, the unlimited resources you have at your fingertips, or maybe just find joy in the ability to interract with others daily. Whatever your reason is, once you find it you will definitely feel better mentally and probably become more efficient in what you do. Life is short so make today count!

Here is more information on  the benefits of making a life not a living!

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