Motivation, Determination, Encouragement

Today we talk about motivation and it’s many faces. Motivation is infinite and can be good, bad, tangible, intangible; it can be easy to find, or impossible to see. Motivation is different for everyone and you cannot find motivation by looking at someone else’s success or failures but you can learn from them.  Some people are motivated by money, others are driven by success. One thing is for sure we find motivation in everything from when we wake up, to our morning routine,  and finally to getting to bed at a decent time to be fresh for business the following day. 

How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? What changed between that first alarm and the last one that motivated you to get out of bed?

Science defines motivation as a person’s willingness or reason for doing something. So scientifically the reason you did not get up to your first alarm is because you were not willing or ready to. Your motivation came when you knew you were at the point of no return, that is, get up or be late and have to deal with the downward spiral of issues that come along with being late. Guess what you did? You found motivation to get up to start another hopefully productive day.

In this example, which is all to familiar to us all, the motivation to sleep a little longer outweighed the motivation to get up bright and early to get a headstart on your day. This probably caused you to get ready a little faster but the pain of getting up outweighed the pain of getting that extra little blink of rest. Successful people often find motivation to be ahead of the curve. Not relying on the hopefulness of having a productive day but the determination to set the tone for their day by being up early, ready to go and often encouraging others/themselve to reach new levels daily.

Motivation, Encouragement, Dedication; the foundations of your day. Motivation can be good like choosing to get up at the first sound of your alarm. It can also be bad like choosing to stay sleep and having to rush your morning. You may have gotten that extra 5 minutes of sleep but that person you are competing with for that promotion got to the morning meeting 5 minutes early and had time to stop and get donuts for everyone. Staying motivated often requires determination to what encourages you to be willing to do the things necessary for your success.

Many have been where you are; stay motivated, remain determined, and be encouraged.

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